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DX25 is driven by one singular vision

- create the most powerful DEX across all the worlds in the multiverse. Unlock liquidity for your apps and maximize your DeFi experience with a multitude of trading and yield-earning opportunities. Unlock the true potential of MultiversX.

Why are we BUIDLing
on MultiversX

Low fees
MultiversX Transaction fees
Fully carbon neutral
Green Blockchain
~15000 TPS
High throughput
Truly Scalable Blockchain

DX25 is built differently. With different goals than other DEXs.


N. 01

Advanced Liquidity

Liquidity management reduces complexity for passive investors particularly keeping concentrated liquidity active.

N. 02

Liquidity Pools

Allows different AMM matching algorithms to coexist in a single liquidity pool with variable fee levels.

N. 03


Our adaptable liquidity pools will support single-sided liquidity, giving the liquidity provider the maximum opportunity to participate.

N. 04

Orderbook UX

Orderbooks, charting, trade reports, the goal of our implementation is to make the transition to using DEX from CEX as user friendly as possible.

N. 05

Easy Version Upgrades for Liquidity Providers

With a protocol layer, we are focused on allowing the liquidity providers the minimum of development tooling to move liquidity to new versions giving us a much higher release cadence than other DEXs. No trusted contracts, just extensible smart contract function design.

N. 06

Margin & Derivative

Enabling the next generation DeFi DEX with collateral that can be used across multiple contracts with exposure offsetting.  Portfolio risk rather than individual contract risk.

N. 07


Leaning on our decades of trading experience before the inception of cryptocurrency, we apply best in class implied prices calculators to support smart order routing.

N. 08


Unlike centralized exchanges, users always have full control over their assets. The underlying smart contracts ensure that users don’t hand over their assets to a third party and maintain custody of all of their assets.

May the yield be with you.

Make your crypto work for you with DX25. Leverage both single-sided liquidity and traditional liquidity pools to 
earn yield.

One DEX to
rule them all

DX25 is positioned to be the leading DeFi protocol on MultiversX with its range of services and innovative services and leverage trading facilities.

Fueled by $DX25 Token

The $DX25 token is at the heart of the DX25 ecosystem. You can buy it, swap it, and even vote on various governance proposals with it.

Superpowers for multiverse adventurers

MultiversX is a faster and cheaper alternative to chains like Ethereum. Conduct your trades without sending a fortune in gas fees.

Trade long and prosper

Trade any coin on MultiversX in seconds. No need to go through cumbersome registration processes. Just connect your wallet and start trading.

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